Turkey – Recipes and Tales From the Road, Leanne Kitchen

Leanne Kitchen’s Turkey – Recipes and Tales from the Road

I’ve been lucky enough to chance across a series of excellent cookbooks lately, all of which share a similar quality. They’re not just about food. Food might be their reason for existing, but this clutch of books have more, they have a feeling about them, a feeling that the author has got under the skin [...]


American turkey stuffing

Delia Smith’s Christmas American turkey stuffing

It’s getting close to Christmas now, and it’s about this sort of time that I start to panic about stupid things like deciding which type of stuffing to make. I’ll spend an hour or so scattering cookbooks around the dining room, looking for something new and different to cook on the stuffing front.  There’ll be [...]

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Maranchino biscuits

Claudia Roden’s Maranchino Biscuits

Excellent with coffee, these little almond biscuits from Turkey and the Balkans are quick and easy to make. Mix 400g of ground almonds and 150g of golden caster sugar together and add two or three drops of almond essence and two tablespoons of rose water. Bind the ingredients together with two lightly beaten eggs, and [...]

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