Grilled Moroccan lambs’ liver kebabs

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Grilled Moroccan lambs’ liver kebabs post image

I often buy lamb from The Wensleydale Butcher, who source animals from across the Dales. £75-ish, depending on the time of the year, will buy half a lamb butchered and vacuum-sealed into plenty of useful cuts. It’s remarkably good value, and the meat comes with cast-iron provenance.

‘Half a lamb’ means exactly that, and it arrives with a pack of about three or four hundred grams of liver. I normally chuck that straight into the freezer and forget about it.

But that’s not right. So, getting all Fergus Henderson nose-to-tail eating, I fished some liver out of its icy tomb and set to work.

This is a quick and easy kebab recipe for a simple lunch. It takes about twenty minutes to pull together

Firstly, the liver. You need about 350g for four healthy skewers.

If your liver is from a well-reared lamb, from a farm that looks after its stock, your liver is going to be fine and you don’t need to go to the bother of soaking it in milk. This is normally done to take the edge off the taste – it helps the liver flavour to mellow out, but in this case, you’re going to be hitting it with some serious spices anyway, so the benefits are debatable. If you want to, just pour some milk over the liver and let it stand for twenty minutes before tipping the now-horrifyingly bloody milk away.