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Food and cooking is a tricky business. There’s plenty to think about, plenty to discuss. Here’s a collection of posts dedicated to discuss the thorny issues around food ethics and politics.

All the water, all the yeast, half the flour

Bread dough pre fermentation

I’ve been making bread for a long time, mainly using a simple recipe that I know by heart. It’s very straightforward – a kilo of flour, 600ml of water, 20g of salt and 10g of yeast. It makes an unpretentious, dependable loaf, but has the flexibility to take on new forms. Substituting half the flour [...]

Food politics

WIN: a hamper of Cloggs Coffee Company stuff

Cloggs Coffee Company, West Yorkshire

I’ve spent a little time recently experimenting with different brewing methods, and recently took the plunge and supplemented my trusty Hario hand grinder (the best £25 I’ve ever spent) with a Eureka Mignon, something a little more capable of grinding to a consistent espresso grind. It’s a wonderful machine, and it’s opened up a whole new [...]

Food politics

The importance of a good Yorkshire pudding

The importance of a good Yorkshire pudding

When we were kids, our mum used to make Yorkshire puddings in bread tins, served as a starter before a main course of beef. We had one each, a great boat of a pudding to fill the plate. We’d pour gravy into it, my sister holding the onions back with a fork because she hated them. [...]

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WIN: a massive box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates

WIN: a massive box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates post image

Here you go, a chance to win a huge box of very good festive themed Hotel Chocolat chocolates, because: Christmas. ‘The Christmas Wreath Box’ is described in the marketing as “a show-stopping festive centrepiece to gather round and share this Christmas. Filled with 43 delicious Christmas truffles, a chunky cookie wreath and two large chocolate [...]

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