WIN: a hamper of Cloggs Coffee Company stuff

Cloggs Coffee Company, West Yorkshire

I’ve spent a little time recently experimenting with different brewing methods, and recently took the plunge and supplemented my trusty Hario hand grinder (the best £25 I’ve ever spent) with a Eureka Mignon, something a little more capable of grinding to a consistent espresso grind. It’s a wonderful machine, and it’s opened up a whole new [...]

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Keelham Farm Shop’s Yorkshire Beer Experience Taste Box

Keelham Farm Shop’s Yorkshire Beer Experience Taste Box

First, a slight apology. I realise that, as I post the photo above, I’ve stumbled into the trap of using a boring cliché. That line up is everywhere. It’s the beer drinker’s equivalent of the fashion blogger’s flat lay. Seriously, search for ‘flatlay’ on Instagram and have a look at the 635,000 near identical photos of [...]

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The importance of a good Yorkshire pudding

The importance of a good Yorkshire pudding

When we were kids, our mum used to make Yorkshire puddings in bread tins, served as a starter before a main course of beef. We had one each, a great boat of a pudding to fill the plate. We’d pour gravy into it, my sister holding the onions back with a fork because she hated them. [...]

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Jaldi Jaldi, the Mumtaz take on take away

Mumtaz’s Jaldi Jaldi – a new take on take away

Around West Yorkshire, there are a couple of really very successful Asian restaurant empires.  The Mumtaz group are one of them, with two restaurants – a huge place in Bradford and an impressive new dining room on Clarence Dock in Leeds – and a reputation for first rate food.  Their bold claim to be ‘world [...]

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