All the water, all the yeast, half the flour

Bread dough pre fermentation

I’ve been making bread for a long time, mainly using a simple recipe that I know by heart. It’s very straightforward – a kilo of flour, 600ml of water, 20g of salt and 10g of yeast. It makes an unpretentious, dependable loaf, but has the flexibility to take on new forms. Substituting half the flour [...]

Food politics

Bagels, step-by-step

Peter Reinhart’s bagels

People often talk about bread making as a bug of some sort that people catch. Well, I’ve definitely caught it, and in an effort to move up a rung on the artisan bread making ladder, I made a batch of bagels. This isn’t a quick recipe. You need to time things carefully so that you’ve [...]

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How to bake bread

Baking bread at home

A lot of people are scared of baking their own bread. There’s a lot of misconceptions out there: It takes too long – not true.  A very decent soda bread can be made in under an hour, start to finish.  Granted, a proper loaf needs time for the yeast to work it’s magic, but even [...]

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