Grilled Moroccan lambs’ liver kebabs

Grilled Moroccan lambs’ liver kebabs post image

I often buy lamb from The Wensleydale Butcher, who source animals from across the Dales. £75-ish, depending on the time of the year, will buy half a lamb butchered and vacuum-sealed into plenty of useful cuts. It’s remarkably good value, and the meat comes with cast-iron provenance. ‘Half a lamb’ means exactly that, and it [...]

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Slow cooking in the sand

The importance of slowness in food, and food in celebration.

It started with a text message. “Chris says can you pack a tie. You’re off to a wedding or something”. I looked down at the carefully packed bags at my feet and realised that ‘bring a tie’ actually meant ‘bring a whole set of smart clothes, including shoes, not just a tie’, and started to [...]

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Mowzet el kharoof, or stuffed boneless lamb shanks

Arabic boneless lamb shanks, stuffed with apple and bulger wheat

Writing about food is an odd occupation. To get it right, to write a post that really hits the mark, certain things need to line up perfectly. There has to be a decent subject, maybe a recipe that really worked, or a good angle on something or other. There has to be a little spark [...]

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