Turkey and stuffing croquettes

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Turkey and Stuffing Croquettes

My son just asked why everything he’d eaten over the past two days had turkey in it.

It was a good question.

We told him that it’s traditional to cram an entire year’s worth of turkey consumption into a single week at the end of December, and that there was plenty more to come over the next few days.

He didn’t appear to be too impressed.

There’s a very good chance that there’s a huge amount of turkey sitting in your fridge right now.

Maybe you picked at it yesterday evening, stood in the glow of the fridge light.  Maybe you had turkey sandwiches for lunch today.  Maybe you plan to have some cold with chips tonight, perhaps the simplest and most satisfying meal of the year.

This is another option for using up some of the turkey mountain, the idea borrowed from Menu In Progress, but simplified a little.

To make these simple turkey croquettes, finely dice and chop cold turkey and mix it thoroughly with approximately even quantities of leftover stuffing.  The quality of the stuffing is important, and the presence of pork and some gutsy herbs, such as sage, are vital.

Season the mixture well with salt and pepper.

Work the mixture with a spoon or by hand until it sticks together enough for you to form ping-pong sized balls.  Flatten each ball out slightly and coat in fine breadcrumbs.

Japanese panko breadcrumbs would be ideal, but a few slices of bread whizzed up in a food processor, spread out onto a baking tray and dried for half an hour or so in a low oven before receiving a second whiz in the food processor are a cheap and easy substitute.

If the breadcrumbs don’t stick easily, roll the croquette in beaten egg and try again.

Shallow fry in olive oil until golden and warmed through.  Serve with a salad.

The method on Menu In Progress includes a small amount of jellied gravy in the middle of the croquette, the gravy melting as it cooks and oozing out when cut open, like a Christmas-themed chicken Kiev.

The idea is brilliant, but today, I think I lack the motivation to actually try it.

It’s Boxing Day.  Keep things easy.

There’s another leftover turkey recipe here.