Spicy leftover turkey soup

How to use up leftover Christmas turkey in a soup

If Christmas Day brings the biggest meal of the year, it follows that Boxing Day must leave the most leftovers. Nobody – NOBODY – gets this right. The smallest turkey is simply too big for most average Christmas dinner tables, and the size of the bird seems to have a knock-on effect on the number [...]

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Spicy Parsnip Soup

One of the key problems of subscribing to an organic veg delivery scheme is that you get what you’re given, and this sometimes leads to a growing mountain of something that you’d rather not have. Nobody in our family really likes parsnips. They’re OK, I suppose, but not in the ‘hmm, what shall we have [...]

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Cullen Skink

Cullen skink, or creamy smoked haddock soup

Cullen skink is a thick, milky soup of smoked haddock and potato, originating from the town of Cullen in Morayshire, Scotland. There’s much debate about the origin of the word ‘skink‘, with the most likely source being a Middle Dutch word for shin of beef which somehow evolved in meaning to include a fish soup. [...]

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Cabbage and bacon soup

Cabbage and bacon soup post image

I was blessed/cursed with a massive savoy cabbage in my organic veg delivery last week. What to do? There’s really only one way to dispose of a huge amount of cabbage, and that’s in a soup. This recipe is from the brilliant and dependable A Celebration of Soup by Lindsey Bareham. Chop a small onion [...]

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