Pizzeria Dar Poeta, Rome

Pizzeria Dar  Poeta Rome

We’d travelled a long way, and when we arrived in Rome, it was late, right in the middle of that strange hinterland where the kids flick from being wide awake and excited to worn-out zombies within a couple of seconds. Not feeding them properly helps to hasten the transformation, so we strode out into Trastevere [...]

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Salt’s Diner, Saltaire

Salt’s Diner, Salt’s Mill, Saltaire

During the second half of the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution gave birth to Blake’s “dark, Satanic mills”, huge cathedrals of commerce producing cotton, wool, alpaca. Conditions in the mills were harsh – the workers started young and the hours were long, the work dangerous. The mills of the North were places to be feared, [...]

Eating out

The Flying Pizza, Leeds

The Flying Pizza Italian Restaurant, Leeds

Through the seventies and eighties, The Flying Pizza was the place to be seen, and the place to see people, especially if those people tended to play for Leeds United or drove preposterously expensive cars. We had the occasional but regular Sunday lunch there through my childhood and teenage years. I remember the marble tables, [...]

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