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Sarto, Leeds

Sarto, Leeds post image

Some new ground for two of Leeds’ existing and best-known independents, Sarto is a restaurant collaboration between the people behind The Brunswick on North Street, up past The Reliance, and the frankly awesome Laynes Espresso just outside the station. It focuses squarely on pasta, and was born out of a series of test pop-up events [...]

Eating out

Saturne, Paris

Saturne, Paris, France

Bread is important. It’s the most fundamental of foods, loaded with symbolism, heavy with tradition, commanding its own rituals and reverence. Often, you can take one look at the bread that a restaurant serves and work out precisely how good or bad your meal will be. If a kitchen cares not for the bread it [...]

Eating out

Mans Market, Leeds

Mans Market Chinese restaurant, Leeds

“So, when you want to order, just write what you want on these cards – this one for drinks and this one for food, and clip them on here, OK?”, said the waiter, pointing upwards to a huge wooden clothes peg dangling from a wire above the table. It’s a big peg, a very big [...]

Eating out

Mumtaz, Bradford

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I got home from work last night and dumped my bag in the normal place, the place where it shouldn’t be. My son was loitering about, and there was something on his mind, something that he didn’t seem to want to ask. “Dad? Hmmm. Well, I was thinking that seeing as its just us, maybe we [...]

Eating out

Santo António de Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal

Santo Antonio de Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal

In Lisbon, there’s a part of the city where your map isn’t likely to help you. It’s a dense warren of narrow cobblestoned streets and alleyways spread across a hillside. Take one turn, then another, then another, before realising you’re right back where you started. The only certainty is that some streets lead generally uphill, and others [...]

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