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Ox Club, Leeds

Ox Club, Leeds post image

Way, way back, I used to have a Saturday job in the centre of Leeds. This mainly involved constantly folding jumpers and failing to stop shoplifters, but it gave me one precious hour at lunchtime to wander in a big, arcing circle around the city, from one record shop to another. I’d inevitably end up in [...]

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Shear’s Yard, Leeds

Shears Yard restaurant, Wharf Street, Leeds

A long time ago, Leeds only had greasy spoon-type cafés , dodgy pubs, and the odd decent Italian, and that was about that. Then came Arts Cafe down on Call Lane. It served good food, good coffee, good wine, and a few decent bottled beers. It was a little bit – dare I say it – [...]

Eating out

Zucco, Meanwood, Leeds

Zucco Italian restaurant, Meanwood, leeds

I try not to write anything about absolutely brand new restaurants, because opening a restaurant is hard, demanding, and things often go wrong, especially in the very early days. Fantastic dining experiences don’t just spring into being – getting a plate of food from kitchen to table is a very long and expensive journey, and [...]

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