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Zucco, Meanwood, Leeds

Zucco Italian restaurant, Meanwood, leeds

I try not to write anything about absolutely brand new restaurants, because opening a restaurant is hard, demanding, and things often go wrong, especially in the very early days. Fantastic dining experiences don’t just spring into being – getting a plate of food from kitchen to table is a very long and expensive journey, and [...]

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Creative Breads’ Pop-up Restaurant, Shipley

Creative Bread’s pop-up restaurant, Shipley

I first discovered Creative Breads, located at the back of Shipley Health Store on Westgate, last September. I remember the day well. It was the first weekend of the Saltaire festival. We had returned from our holiday in France to find their flyer in our postbox and, keen to try something new, along with showing [...]

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Red’s True Barbecue, Leeds

Red’s True Barbecue – slow cooked meat in the heart of Leeds.

When did slow-cooked barbecued ribs become the unofficial signature dish for the whole of Leeds? I don’t know, but I’m not complaining, and even though I exaggerate slightly, there do seem to be loads of rib joints springing up all over the city. This one, Red’s True Barbecue, is the current, undisputed leader of the [...]

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