Creative Breads’ Pop-up Restaurant, Shipley

Creative Bread’s pop-up restaurant, Shipley

I first discovered Creative Breads, located at the back of Shipley Health Store on Westgate, last September. I remember the day well. It was the first weekend of the Saltaire festival. We had returned from our holiday in France to find their flyer in our postbox and, keen to try something new, along with showing [...]

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The Shipley Slouch

The Shipley Slouch pop-up community cafe, Kirkgate Community Centre, Shipley

Sundays are meant to be slow. They’re supposed to be lazy, a small chance to rest after the trials and triumphs of the week gone and to prepare for those to come. I start Sunday with a lot of coffee, a pile of maple syrup covered pancakes on the kids’ plates and a newspaper, sat [...]

Eating out

Aagrah, Shipley

The Aagrah is a traditional curry house, done on an impressive scale. The group now includes twelve restaurants, with sites across West Yorkshire and a couple in South Yorkshire. A new flagship restaurant has just opened in glamorous Leeds, serving a ‘taster’ style menu. Tapas from the sub-continent.Shipley is the flagship restaurant, a two storey [...]

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