Rogan josh, a king amongst curries

Rogan Josh

My curry of choice is always the rogan josh. It’s solid and dependable, the backbone of Indian cookery, unpretentious, hot but not overpowering, deeply flavoured and intense. It’s a proper curry. I’ve made variations on the rogan josh with chicken, lamb, mutton and the decidedly unauthentic and borderline sacrilegious beef. Each produces a different result, [...]

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Aagrah, Shipley

The Aagrah is a traditional curry house, done on an impressive scale. The group now includes twelve restaurants, with sites across West Yorkshire and a couple in South Yorkshire. A new flagship restaurant has just opened in glamorous Leeds, serving a ‘taster’ style menu. Tapas from the sub-continent.Shipley is the flagship restaurant, a two storey [...]

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