Pizzeria da Remo, Rome

Pizzeria da Remo, Testaccio, Rome, Italy

Remember the other week I wrote about trekking all over Rome to find a pizzeria late at night? The same thing happened the next evening, too, when we yomped across the city to a closed-down restaurant, complete with tumbleweed rolling past the door. Luckily, I’d idly canvassed some twitter opinion on decent restaurants when I [...]

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Pizzeria Dar Poeta, Rome

Pizzeria Dar  Poeta Rome

We’d travelled a long way, and when we arrived in Rome, it was late, right in the middle of that strange hinterland where the kids flick from being wide awake and excited to worn-out zombies within a couple of seconds. Not feeding them properly helps to hasten the transformation, so we strode out into Trastevere [...]

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How to order coffee like an Italian

Sant Eustachio cafe – the best coffee in Rome?

Ordering a cup of coffee in a traditional Italian café at a busy time of day is a little daunting for a visitor. Firstly, the place will be chaotic, full of jostling people knocking back espresso in one gulp.  Receipts and coins fly everywhere, and at the centre of it all, there’s a gleaming espresso [...]

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