Noodling with noodles

A quick, easy portable noodle soup for lunch

In my quest to crack the ongoing puzzle of eating well at lunchtime when lunchtime slips to about twenty minutes at most, I’ve started to experiment. This all began when this article popped up on Facebook. It reminded me of something Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall had done a few years ago, that thing I’d made a note to have a [...]

Food & drink

Slow lunch, faster work

Slow food and lunch

I’ve got a busy job. It involves a lot of meetings, a lot of running around doing things, sorting things out, making – and sometimes stopping – things from happening. Lately, work has stretched at the seams, slowly drifting into cracks it never reached before … those hours early in the very early morning when [...]

Food politics

Salt’s Diner, Saltaire

Salt’s Diner, Salt’s Mill, Saltaire

During the second half of the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution gave birth to Blake’s “dark, Satanic mills”, huge cathedrals of commerce producing cotton, wool, alpaca. Conditions in the mills were harsh – the workers started young and the hours were long, the work dangerous. The mills of the North were places to be feared, [...]

Eating out