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Bill Granger’s Bill’S Basics cookbook review

Bill Granger has a particularly attractive way with food. His new book is a collection of unfussy, stripped down classics, aimed at providing a comprehensive guide to cooking some of Granger’s best dishes at home. Granger’s food is hard to describe properly.  It’s homely and comfortable, but the influence of the Sydney restaurant scene screams [...]


Baked porridge

Bill Granger’s baked porridge

I’ve started to eat a lot more porridge, as an alternative breakfast to my usual couple of slices of toast. The benefits have been enormous.  Porridge is a slow-burning food that provides fuel for the body over a much longer period of time than bread.  I don’t feel hungry until much later in the morning, [...]

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Crisp spice biscuits

Bill Granger’s Crisp Spice Biscuits

You can never have enough proper biscuit recipes.  Once you’ve mastered the basics – shortbread, gingerbread, peanut butter, etc – it’s time to seek out something a bit different. We made these thin and crispy biscuits on clearing out the kitchen cupboards and discovering the last dregs of a can of forgotten treacle. “Time to [...]

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