Bathuras, or fried fermented Indian flatbreads

Bathura, or Indian yoghurt fermented deep fried flatbread

I have this theory about Indian restaurants. It may be a Yorkshire thing, or maybe even just a Bradford or Leeds thing, or perhaps its just me, but I reckon you can judge the quality of an Indian restaurant through a combination of how good their breads are and whether or not you get a [...]

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Chole, or cinnamon spiced chickpea curry

Chole, or cinnamon spiced chickpea vegetarian and vegan curry

Quite a few years ago, I spent part of a gap year backpacking around India. Delhi was our first stop, and it frightened the pants off us, with its heady blend of poverty, colour, recklessness and determination. I returned to Delhi last month in very different circumstances, and found that little had changed, except everybody [...]

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Lamb or mutton and potato curry

Keith Floyd’s mutton or lamb curry, with potatoes and coconut milk

Time for another barnstorming, no messing around, straight into the thick of it curry. This time, there’s coconut milk in the mix, which helps to considerably tame the enormous amount of chilli present.  It does seem like a lot of chilli, but coconut milk has the capacity to neutralise the heat very effectively…this is still [...]

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How to make parathas

How to make Indian or Pakistani parathas, enriched unleavened Asian flatbreads

A while ago, I spent some time in India, travelling around Rajasthan and the north of the country.  We ended up in the town of Jaiselmer, deep in the Rajasthani scrublands, a place that feels like the very edge of the world. The big tourist thing to do in Jaiselmer is to hire a guide [...]

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