Sea bream with pak choi and tomato and ginger chutney

Sea bream with tomato chutney and pak choi

This is another excellent recipe from Jason Atherton’s Gourmet Food for a Fiver. It’s a simple but extremely elegant dish that’s dependent on the quality of the base ingredients.  This essentially translates as ‘use the freshest fish possible’. The fish in question is sea bream. Sea bream is widely available in the UK, and it’s [...]

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Rhubarb relish, ready for winter (already)

Rhubarb relish, ready for winter (already) post image

Around this time of year, rhubarb tends to get tired and worn out. The stalks, those that haven’t been plundered already, are green and thick, with big umbrella-like leaves.  Everything starts to look a bit Jurassic, overgrown and gnarled. The slender pink and red elegance of the early stalks has long faded, and the taste [...]

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