How to cook a crab

How to humanely kill and cook a live crab

On something of a whim, I bought a couple of live crabs from Kirkgate Market in Leeds. When we got home, I tipped the crabs into the empty sink and left them there, scaring Jen half to death when one made a determined bid for freedom before she’d noticed its presence. I wasn’t quite sure [...]

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Sea bream with pak choi and tomato and ginger chutney

Sea bream with tomato chutney and pak choi

This is another excellent recipe from Jason Atherton’s Gourmet Food for a Fiver. It’s a simple but extremely elegant dish that’s dependent on the quality of the base ingredients.  This essentially translates as ‘use the freshest fish possible’. The fish in question is sea bream. Sea bream is widely available in the UK, and it’s [...]

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