Tasso ham – first steps in smoked meat

Smoked Cajun Tasso ham

Preserving meat … sounds like something that could go badly, botulism-riddled wrong, doesn’t it? Charcuterie is a a slightly daunting area, and it isn’t an undertaking to be taken lightly. I’m nowhere near ready to cure and air-dry a whole leg of pork, or equipped to maintain the specific temperature or level of humidity suitable [...]

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Mixing up nitrites and nitrates

Mixing up sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate

A few weeks ago, I made some pancetta – cured bacon that was then rolled, tied and dried for three weeks to mature it. Some time later, this comment was posted: I really think you should research what prauge (sic) powder#1 and prauge (sic) powder#2 are used for before you end up making alot of [...]

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How to make pancetta

Pancetta – how to cure your own Italian bacon

I’ve skirted around the edges of this recipe for a while now. It’s not really a recipe, as such…it’s more of a chemistry experiment that involves taking something a bit bland and mediocre, adding some other stuff to it and miraculously transforming it into something that’s way better than the sum of its parts. It’s [...]

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