Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – American craft brewing

An American craft beer classic, Sierra Nevada’s flagship beer is nothing short of an absolute joy. Fruity, spicy, lightly carbonated, with a lovely deep amber colour and a complex character awash with citrus notes and a deep, toasted flavour in the background. It might be available everywhere, but it’s a great beer and a classic [...]

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Brewdog’s Paradox Imperial stout – seriously strong beer

Brewdog’s Paradox Imperial Stout

Brewdog is a small Scottish brewery with a formidable reputation for creating a marketing stir. They’ve been chasing controversy since 2007 with a combination of marketing stunts, engaging with social media and some ridiculously strong beer, peaking with last year’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin at a collosal 32% ABV.  That’s a beer that will literally knock [...]

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