Brewdog’s Paradox Imperial stout – seriously strong beer

Brewdog’s Paradox Imperial Stout

Brewdog is a small Scottish brewery with a formidable reputation for creating a marketing stir. They’ve been chasing controversy since 2007 with a combination of marketing stunts, engaging with social media and some ridiculously strong beer, peaking with last year’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin at a collosal 32% ABV.  That’s a beer that will literally knock [...]

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A stout, a porter and a blonde

What’s the difference between a stout and a porter?

Historically, there is really no difference between a stout and a porter, but in modern style guidelines, a stout is differentiated by the addition of roasted barley. Both are dark, heavy, wintry drinks. The term ‘stout’ evolved from the use of the other meaning of the word – ‘strong’. In the eighteenth century, the strongest [...]

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St Peter’s beer

St Peter’s beer post image

The bottle that your glass of St Peter’s beer comes in is a replica of one first produced in 1770 for Thomas Gerrard, an innkeeper in Gibbstown, near Philadelphia. There is little connection between Gerrard and the modern St Peter’s brewery in Suffolk, but the bottle is a lovely shape and has a satisfying quality [...]

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