Saltaire Brewery’s Amarillo Gold

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Saltaire brewery’s Amarillo Gold wheat beer – a great summer beer

Saltaire Brewery have an interesting approach to brewing.

They brew lots of different beers.  No, really, lots….

There’s at least twenty-five beers listed on their website at the moment.  Of course, they’re not all in production at the same time, but it shows that they’re willing to experiment a little and try things out.   That’s no bad thing.

Amarillo Gold is a clear light wheat beer at 4.4% ABV, hopped entirely with American Amarillo hops.  Amarillo hops are extremely distinctive, giving a fragrant and flowery taste.  They’re patented and grown only by Virgil Gamache Farms in the Pacific Northwest.

Amarillo Gold is  a decent enough beer, clearly brewed with one eye on summer.   There’s some lemon or grapefruit in there, with a strong, pleasant bitterness.

It’s perhaps a little thin and lacking some body, but served cold on a scorching hot summer day, that’s no problem.

Currently available at The Boathouse Inn, Saltaire.