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Beef Rendang

Rosemary Brissenden’s beef rendang, a classic Indonesian Sumatran dry curry

Hype cycles are the invention of  a big American technology consultancy firm who use them to show the way very new types of technology move from ‘stupid idea, it’ll never work’ right through to general acceptance as something that just ‘is’. A hype cycle is basically a graph that plots a line that rises very steeply [...]

Food & drink

Wokon noodle bar, Leeds

Wokon noodle bar, Leeds

To say that Wokon were getting slammed is perhaps an understatement. They have two restaurants in Leeds, one near the station and the other, larger one at the bottom end of Briggate.  The Briggate restaurant had fallen foul of a series of disasters that morning, which left them with leaking water and no gas. No [...]

Eating out

Tampopo, Leeds

Tampopo noodle and SouthEast Asian restaurant Leeds

Some of the best food in Southeast Asia comes from the little stalls and carts dotted around cities like Bangkok, serving steaming bowls of noodles, stir fries and the occasional deep-fried insect or two. Leeds is a long way from Bangkok, especially on a wet Friday evening in February, but the restorative power of chilli, [...]

Eating out

Wagamama, Leeds

Wagamama, Leeds post image

We’d recklessly decided to pop into Leeds to have a look at the German market, and after a few goes on the carousel, and after our six year old ‘won’ a double-barreled water pistol by hooking a reindeer out of a pool of water, we decided to get some lunch, which led us to Wagamamas. [...]

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