Bathuras, or fried fermented Indian flatbreads

Bathura, or Indian yoghurt fermented deep fried flatbread

I have this theory about Indian restaurants. It may be a Yorkshire thing, or maybe even just a Bradford or Leeds thing, or perhaps its just me, but I reckon you can judge the quality of an Indian restaurant through a combination of how good their breads are and whether or not you get a [...]

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Chole, or cinnamon spiced chickpea curry

Chole, or cinnamon spiced chickpea vegetarian and vegan curry

Quite a few years ago, I spent part of a gap year backpacking around India. Delhi was our first stop, and it frightened the pants off us, with its heady blend of poverty, colour, recklessness and determination. I returned to Delhi last month in very different circumstances, and found that little had changed, except everybody [...]

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