A little corner of France in a basement in Leeds, La Grillade

La Grillade restaurant, Leeds

La Grillade is a typical French restaurant, just like the places you’d find in any sizable French town. Except it’s in Leeds. That makes it special. The restaurant is housed in the basement of a Victorian terrace, and looks uninspiring from the outside. Down the stairs, it’s a different world, a series of small dining [...]

Eating out

Christmas mincemeat for mince pies

Mince meat for Christmas mince pies by Delia Smith

This is my kitchen brigade. Despite their youth, they’re a skilled, enthusiastic and highly trained crew, excellent at pouring, measuring, stirring and rolling out. They’d be at home in the world’s best kitchens. They also like to listen to Iggy and the Stooges whilst cooking. This weekend, we made a batch of mincemeat for Christmas [...]

Food & drink

Blackberry and apple crumble

Blackberry and apple crumble post image

The first blackberries of the season are ripening well, and my favourite picking patches are heavy with fruit, all swelled to massive proportions by the heavy rain we’ve been experiencing. Our haul was about 2kg, enough for a crumble, with plenty left for the freezer. Blackberries are probably the most accessible of wild food – [...]

Food & drink