Leftover turkey and leek pie

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Coming up with something new to do with leftover turkey is one of the great cooking challenges of Christmas. This pie should help.

As this is a ‘leftovers’ recipe, all quantities are flexible, depending on what you’ve got left over.

Chop some bacon, maybe six rashers and fry in a large frying pan until it starts to crisp. If you have those little sausages wrapped in bacon left, slice some and add them as well. Some leftover ham would be good too. Anything pork will work.

Clean and slice four or five leeks. Turn the heat under the pan down and add some butter, followed by the leeks. Keep the heat low and don’t let the leeks catch. Some mushrooms could go in at this point, if available.

Add turkey, cut into one centimetre chunks, a good mixture of white and dark meet. Stir the mixture until heated through.

Wash and chop some spinach. Add to the pan when the leeks are softened, stirring to wilt.

Add creme fraiche or cream,enough to create a rich sauce. Season well with salt and pepper, adding a small teaspoon of English mustard and a good squeeze of lemon.

Roll out a block of puff pastry until about the thickness of a pound coin. You need a rectangle of pastry that will hold the filling in one half, so that you can fold the other over the top. Transfer the pastry to an oiled baking sheet, add the filling, fold over and crimp the edges.

Place the pie in an oven pre-heated to 180c for maybe 40 minutes, but start to check after half an hour.