Abel & Cole’s organic fruit and veg box

Abel & Cole

There’s been something of a backlash against the organic food movement in recent months, brought on by a new found frugality in the face of the deepening economic crisis. People see organic food as just too expensive, a luxury they simply can’t afford. The taste and quality argument is easy to win – organically grown [...]

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Marlow & Daughters, old fashioned butchery

I think I’ve just found a new hero…I love seeing food producers who are passionate about what they do. That passion and dedication invariably influences the quality of their products. This is a classic example.This is back-to-basics butchery, careful handling of top quality ingredients. Meat preparation the old fashioned way.Would it be possible to cook [...]

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Farmaround organic vegetables

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We’ve been part of an organic box scheme for a few years now. The first company we bought from went horribly bust, following a period of the worst customer service I’ve ever seen – when I say I want to cancel an order, I want to cancel it there and then, not have it continue [...]

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