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We’ve been part of an organic box scheme for a few years now. The first company we bought from went horribly bust, following a period of the worst customer service I’ve ever seen – when I say I want to cancel an order, I want to cancel it there and then, not have it continue for a couple of weeks. They still owe me a tenner. The bastards. 

Anyway, I get veg from Farmaround now, which is much better in an endearingly kaftan and slippers sort of way. The obvious hippyishness of the whole enterprise hides a slick operation. Well, at least when I ask them to do something, they do it, which counts as ‘totally professional’ in light of my previous experiences.

I’ve opted for the ‘Select’ vegetable bag, which is a halfway house between the basic and luxury options. The quality of the produce is extremely good – fresh, plentiful, interesting, delivered weekly at a ridiculously early hour on a Friday.

This week, we got potatoes, onions, carrots, plum tomatoes, spring onions, a butternut squash, courgettes, a savoy cabbage the size of a basketball and some broccoli. The randomness of the contents makes planning meals harder, but I enjoy the culinary challenge of having to find something to do with the weeks unexpected ingredient like, say, a basketball sized savoy cabbage. Any suggestions on that front welcome, by the way.

I’ve compared the £12.70 cost with supermarket prices, and it is favourable, and at the least, not more expensive. I’m buying some convenience here as well, and, frankly, anything that keeps me out of Asda as much as possible is worth paying a few quid for.

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