Rogan josh, a king amongst curries

Rogan Josh

My curry of choice is always the rogan josh. It’s solid and dependable, the backbone of Indian cookery, unpretentious, hot but not overpowering, deeply flavoured and intense. It’s a proper curry. I’ve made variations on the rogan josh with chicken, lamb, mutton and the decidedly unauthentic and borderline sacrilegious beef. Each produces a different result, [...]

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Lamb curry with onions and raisins

Lamb curry with onions and raisins post image

A common Indian, specifically Moghal, technique is to cook a lot of onions separately and add them to a curry dish during the last few minutes of cooking. This has the effect of substantially altering the taste and consistency of the dish…the end product is something of a surprise to the diligent cook who has [...]

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Moghlai Lamb with Spinach (Paalag Gosht)

Moghlai Lamb with Spinach (Paalag Gosht) post image

I’m a huge fan of Madhur Jaffrey’s recipes, which combine great food with a rich appreciation of its cultural context. An understanding of the way food has developed over time adds an extra layer of authenticity, especially with a cuisine as steeped in tradition as that of India. Jaffrey delivers this context flawlessly, combining observations [...]

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Mutton tagine

Mutton tagine post image

My regular Asian supermarket had a huge pile of chopped mutton shoulder, displayed in that haphazard way characteristic of those sort of places, so I took a kilo without really knowing what to do with it. I vaguely remembered Gordon Ramsey banging on about mutton (underrated, hardly used, etc) and doing something North African with [...]

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