How to make salt cod

How to preserve cod by salting

The last time I cooked with salt cod was a disaster. In retrospect, the particular piece of fish I bought looked like it had been sat in a dark and dusty corner of a market stall for several years before some poor mug came along to liberate it. That poor mug just happened to be [...]

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Duck prosciutto – the simple art of making your own ham

How to make duck ham

Salt gets a bad press. I know it’s responsible for the untold misery of heart disease, high blood pressure and a thousand other fairly major medical complaints, but it also has a near mythical ability to preserve food and concentrate flavour, the closest thing to culinary alchemy there is. This duck prosciutto, a ham born [...]

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Confit of rabbit

Rabbit confit

Rabbits are plentiful, sustainable, cheap and healthy*. Cooked properly, they’re delicious. Cooked badly, they’re about as appetising as an old boot. I’ve found that farmed rabbits can be successfully roasted with lemon, rosemary and garlic, but try the same treatment with a lean, muscular wild rabbit and the dish generally ends up in the bin. [...]

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