On fathers, daughters and Coca-Cola glazed ham

Fathers, daughters and Coca Cola glazed ham. A recipe for poaching gammon in Coke, with a honey and mustard glaze.

She wobbled and waved around, veering close to a parked car, then caught her balance and straightened the handlebars, and she was off … the first revolutions on another cyclist’s journey. Her first ride without stabilisers. I remember doing the same thing, on a Raleigh Tomahawk – the smaller version of the famous Chopper – [...]

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Chinese red-cooked pork

Chinese style red-cooked braised pork belly

My kids are quite adventurous when it comes to eating. They’ll try most things, and often surprise me by eating the most unexpected of foods with relish, whilst turning their noses up at something very, very normal. We still have episodes about ‘green bits’ every once in a while. The most striking thing about their eating [...]

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Goan-style pork vindaloo

Madhur Jaffrey’s Goan style pork vindaloo

This is it. This is the most abused, mistreated and misrepresented curry in the whole of the world. There isn’t another Asian dish that comes close to this one in terms of how people view it. Its reputation is right down there in the gutter.  A vindaloo is nothing more than a macho challenge after [...]

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