How to brew coffee with a cafetiere

How to brew proper cafetiere or French Press coffee

Coffee is easy to make well, and even easier to make badly. There are plenty of methods of making coffee, but the stand-out, everyday method is to use a cafetière, or a French press as it’s known over The Pond. Forget about drip or filter coffee, keep the Italian stove top pot for when you’ve [...]

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How to order coffee like an Italian

Sant Eustachio cafe – the best coffee in Rome?

Ordering a cup of coffee in a traditional Italian café at a busy time of day is a little daunting for a visitor. Firstly, the place will be chaotic, full of jostling people knocking back espresso in one gulp.  Receipts and coins fly everywhere, and at the centre of it all, there’s a gleaming espresso [...]

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Why Starbucks might be a force for good

Why Starbucks might be a force for good

I think that Starbucks gets a lot of unfair flack, and I’ll admit that I’ve dished some out myself in the past. The ‘is Starbucks evil?’ question is one that’s regularly tossed around.  I don’t think there’s a definitive answer. Any corporation the size of Starbucks will attract some form of criticism, and Starbucks has [...]

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