The Yorkshire Chef’s Cookbook

The Yorkshire Chef’s Cookbook by The Leeds Guide

The Yorkshire Chef’s Cookbook is published by the good people at the Leeds Guide.  It’s a collection of recipes from some of the region’s best chefs.

There’s some great stuff here – a smokey duck breast dish from The Fourth Floor Restaurant at Harvey Nichols, some venison from the brilliant Butcher’s Arms at Hepworth, roast belly pork from Kendell’s Bistro and Thai Edge’s red curry with scallops and tiger prawns.

It’s easy to take the quality of Yorkshire’s restaurants for granted, particularly those in and around Leeds.  It should be no surprise that the region has the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in Britain, outside of London, with many, many more pushing that boundary very hard indeed.

Anything that promotes the richness and creativity of our region’ chef’s has got to be ‘a good thing’ in the broadest sense, and anything that gives me the chance to have a go myself at home is also most definitely in that category too.  On those terms, The Yorkshire Chef’s Cookbook is a huge success.

At £3.99, it’s a steal.

And where can you get it? At all good book shops in Leeds, of course, but also at the brilliant La Bottega Milanese on Call Lane, where you’ll be able to get a first rate cup of coffee along with your book.  Alex’s coffee is infinitely better than the poor  effort you’ll get in Waterstones…

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