Sorry, no bacon…Roots & Fruits vegetarian cafe, Leeds

Eating out
Roots and Fruits Vegetarian Cafe, Leeds

We had breakfast at the eclectic Roots & Fruits the other day.

Sat in the window on mis-matched chairs looking out onto the quiet Grand Arcade, we ordered a standard English breakfast of eggs, toast, mushrooms, beans, hash browns. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, but well cooked and served with early Stevie Wonder in the background.

The food was good, and the coffee excellent and plentiful – three refills is more than enough. We shamefully made weak and predictable jokes about the lack of bacon, etc, but that’s a little (OK, a lot) unfair given that Roots & Fruits is very obviously a vegetarian place.

The rest of the menu was full of quiches, sandwiches with mushroom pate or hummus, chickpea fritters, roasted red peppers, falafel. You get the idea. If the main menu is as good as the breakfast, it’ll be worth trying again.

Roots & Fruits
10-11 Grand Arcade

0113 242 8313