Rhubarb vodka … please be careful …

Rhubarb flavoured vodka

Does anybody actually like vodka? I’m not sure they do … it’s just searing alcohol to me, and before the whole of Eastern Europe rises as one and mercilessly hunts me down, I’ve found a way to make it a bit more palatable. To transform it into something worth drinking, rather than merely enduring, if [...]

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How much do you drink?

NHS drink tracker application

Do you know how many units are actually in a glass of wine? Do you know the difference in alcohol content between a large glass of red and a pint of strong beer? The answers to both of these questions is probably ‘no’.  Either that, or your guesses  are way off the mark.  Mine definitely [...]

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How to make a mojito that’d make Hemingway happy

The mojito, a classic Carribean rum and mint cocktail

‘Mojito’ means ‘something wet’.  It’s a perfect summer drink, long, cool, refreshing and sweet. Unsurprisingly, the mojito has it’s origins in the Caribbean, in Cuba, specifically.  Legendary drinker Ernest Hemingway was a fan, and wrote “mi mojito en la Bodeguita”, which translates as ‘my mojito at the Bodeguita’, on the wall of his favourite Havana [...]

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