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Asparagus, Hollandaise, beer – the Holy Trinity

Fellow Saltaire-based blogger Rob from the excellent HopZine asked me to do a little blog exchange thing with him, and here it is.

The premise is simple – I provided a recipe, Rob matched some beer to it.  All very civilised.

Given the time of year, I chose something to do with asparagus.  We’re right at the tail end of the English season but there’s still some around, and (shhhh! Whisper it…) you can pretty much always get it imported.

To my mind, the best thing you can do with asparagus is to serve it very, very simply, smothered in a Hollandaise sauce.  Butter and asparagus are a match made in heaven, and with a decent beer on the side? Well…

Rob paired it with a Belgian beer from the De Glazen Toren brewery, Saison D’Erpe-Mere, which I was quietly relieved about because I had something Belgian in mind when I suggested the asparagus in the first place.  Read Rob’s thoughts on the beer in his post.

HopZine is a brilliant read – do check it out.