Interflora’s Christmas biscuit box

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Interflora Biscuits

What is it?
It’s a box of biscuits.  Hand-made, hand-decorated biscuits, in a nice tin box.

OK, why?
This is Interflora’s new idea.

Instead of sending a bunch of flowers, you now get the chance to send a box of biscuits instead.  It’s a good idea.  Gives people options.

That box looks very Christmassy…
Indeed it does.  This is their Christmas-themed biscuit box, packed with Christmas tree shaped biscuits, reindeer shaped biscuits…you get the idea.

What are the biscuits like?
They look superb.  Very well made and decorated.

Somebody took real pride in making these biscuits, and it shows.

The biscuits themselves are light, crumbly and tasty, but there’s a lot of icing on top, which tends to overpower the whole thing.

Does that matter?
No, it doesn’t.  I couldn’t eat more than a couple at once, but, as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

How much?
Brace yourselves.


Twenty-four pounds and ninety-nine pence.  For a box of nine admittedly rather nice biscuits.

Postage costs another £5.99 on top of that, so this will cost you over thirty quid to get it into the hands of the object of your affections, which does seem an awful lot.

Is it worth it?
These things are relative.

The recipient doesn’t need to know the cost, so if you’re happy to pay it, it’s a good alternative to a bunch of flowers.

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