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The Sinkstation flat colander

Sinkstation flat colander

This has ‘gimmick’ written all over it, but unlike most things that look gimmicky, this actually does something useful. The SinkStation bills itself as a ‘flat colander’, and the general idea is that it’s a largely flat sheet with drainage holes in it that sits in the sink and does the job of making the [...]

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OXO’s Good Grips Salad Spinner

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner Review

What is it? It’s a salad spinner. Salad spinners are a waste of time. Why bother? I used to think that, too, and I’ve long been a fan of collecting wet salad leaves up in a tea towel and spinning them round like a banshee, stood outside the back door. The neighbour’s loved that. A [...]

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WIN a Harvey Nichols Christmas hamper

Win a Harvey Nichols Noel! Noel! Christmas hamper in an exclusive giveaway

Here’s a fantastic opportunity to win a Harvey Nichols Noel! Noel! Christmas hamper, worth £100, which will most definitely get you well set up for the festive season. What’s in the hamper? The hamper itself is a sturdy wicker basket with smart leather buckles and hinges that in itself is quite a handsome thing, but [...]

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Make My Day’s glass drying mat

Make My Day’s Voluminous runner glass drying mat

Make My Day Products is an Australian company who specialise in well designed, attractive and functional kitchen and household products. Their strapline is “simple, practical, designed to make your day”. That’s quite a lofty claim, and I’m not so sure that this glass drying mat “made my day”, as such, but I don’t think it [...]

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