Spice-fried calamari

Spicy deep fried Turkish calamari squid

I’m the only one in our house who will entertain the thought of eating squid, so this is a rare event. I have to save it for those times when the rest of the family are away and I’m left to fend for myself. One of two things tends to happen in these circumstances…either I [...]

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The Wetherby Whaler, Guiseley

The Wetherby Whaler, Guiseley, Leeds

The food game is a vicious business, littered with spectacular failures and well-intentioned enterprises that don’t quite last the distance. Restaurants come and go, sometimes suddenly, sometimes after a period of stagnation, slipping into an unstoppable downward spiral of cut corners, tatty interiors, tired service and crappy food. Harry Ramsden’s at Guiseley typified this type [...]

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Hugh’s Fish Fight friendly mackerel bap

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s mackerel mission … the MakBap

As part of his Fish Fight, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is encouraging us to eat a more diverse range of fish, and there’s one cheap, sustainable, nutritious and extremely tasty species right at the front of the pack. Mackerel. Criminally under-valued, mackerel is nothing short of a show-stopper. Packed with all the right types of fish oil [...]

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Why are perfectly good fish thrown back into the sea, dead? There’s something wrong with fishing in Europe. The thing is, over half of the fish caught in the North Sea end up being thrown back overboard, dead, the victim of a set of insane regulations intended to protect European fishery stocks, but which instead serve to decimate them. The basic thrust is that fishermen [...]

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