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How to kill and cook a lobster

How to kill and cook a lobster

Every time I wander through Kirkgate Market in Leeds, I end up walking up the row of fishmongers towards the exit to Vicar Lane, and past the very last fishmonger, the best of the lot, the one with the stall laden with bright, clean fish and shellfish, packed in ice. There’s always a box of [...]

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Casa Espresso’s Barista Basics and Latte Art courses

Casa Espresso’s barista and latte art training courses

I spent a year abroad n the mid-Nineties, backpacking around the world. We headed east, through India and the South Pacific, and ended up in New Zealand, then Australia, and then across the ocean into the Pacific Northwest of North America, to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. This journey around a big chunk of the Pacific [...]

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Slow cooking in the sand

The importance of slowness in food, and food in celebration.

It started with a text message. “Chris says can you pack a tie. You’re off to a wedding or something”. I looked down at the carefully packed bags at my feet and realised that ‘bring a tie’ actually meant ‘bring a whole set of smart clothes, including shoes, not just a tie’, and started to [...]

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WIN a copy of The Taste of America, by Colman Andrews

COMPETITION – WIN a copy of The Taste of America, by Colman Andrews

Here’s a chance to win one of two copies of Colman Andrews’ superb book Taste of America. It’s a fascinating insight into American cuisine, and the food that built and shaped a nation. Here’s my full review. There are no strings with this giveaway – it’s  exactly that … a giveaway. Just use this form [...]

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Salmon and sustainability

Salmon from Scandinavia

Next time you’re at the supermarket, have a look at the fish counter, or gaze into the plastic wrapped cartons. Chances are, there’ll be a few different species of white fish, some trout and lots and lots of salmon. There’s a reason for that. Salmon is relatively affordable, in fish terms, it’s very versatile, and [...]

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