How to order pintxos in San Sebastián, Spain

August 26, 2013
Food in San Sebastián, Spain

We spent some time in Donostia San Sebastián in northern Spain, a beautiful city renowned for its food, and held by many to be the culinary capital of the region, if not the whole of Spain. Why, then, did we spend a couple of perplexing evenings eating some of the worst food I’ve ever ordered […]

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EL BULLI – Cooking in Progress

October 14, 2012
El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

The process of cooking fascinates me, the way in which things change and transform under the eye and hand of a cook, how they become something more than they started out as. I realise the gulf in technique and understanding between an enthusiastic amateur and the professionals … I cook a lot, but I merely […]

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Pollo a la montanesa, or Santander mountain chicken

September 9, 2012
Pollo a la montanesa, or Santander mountain chicken from Nicholas Butcher's Recipes From the Spanish Kitchen

This might sound stupid – and that’s mainly because it is – but the reason I tried this recipe is simply so that I could chop up a whole chicken with a massive cleaver. I’ve spent years in fear of dinging the edge of my ridiculously expensive German knives doing something as mundane as jointing […]

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Recipes from the Spanish Kitchen, Nicholas Butcher

May 2, 2012
Recipes from a Spanish Kitchen by Nicholas Butcher - a reprint of the 1990 classic cookbook, detailing the food of Spain.

This book feels like a rediscovered treasure found once again at the back of a dark attic, loved but forgotten.  Dusted down and spruced up, it suddenly fits again, makes sense again.  You wonder why it was cast aside in the first place, wonder why people stopped loving it. Recipes From the Spanish Kitchen was […]

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Churros, or Spanish doughnuts

August 20, 2010
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We spent a week in Barcelona recently, and walking around the city, you notice little bars and cafes everywhere selling hot chocolate with long, piped doughnuts, ribbons of fried batter coated in sugar and sold in cones or paper bags. Ethan latched onto the idea, as kids do, that he wanted to try churros, but […]

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Salt cod brandade

August 11, 2010
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Remember that salt cod I made the other week? Here’s what became of it. Brandade de morue or brandade de bacaloa, depending on if you’re French or Spanish is a simple emulsion of salt cod and olive oil, most often eaten with bread.  It’s common across France and Spain, and versions of it exist in […]

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