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How to make pulled pork

How to make easy pulled pork in a slow cooker

I'm one of those people who take photos of  food to post on Instagram. I make no apologies for this - it's what Instagram is made for, but sometimes the application of a vintage filter on a perfectly normal photograph makes it look a little ... different. Just take a second to look at the picture [...]

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Slow cooking in the sand

The importance of slowness in food, and food in celebration.

It started with a text message. "Chris says can you pack a tie. You're off to a wedding or something". I looked down at the carefully packed bags at my feet and realised that 'bring a tie' actually meant 'bring a whole set of smart clothes, including shoes, not just a tie', and started to [...]

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Moroccan beef tagine

A traditional Moroccan taine of beef, with prunes and squash

Moroccan cuisine is rich with influences that betray the country's history as a strategically important place, with distinct Arabic influences laid over more obvious North African traits.  There's also Moorish and European influence in there, too, pointing to Morocco's closeness to Spain, and its position as a gateway to southern Europe. The tagine is emblematic [...]

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Very slow roasted shoulder of lamb with merguez spices

Very slow roasted shoulder of lamb with merguez spices

A shoulder of lamb is a hefty cut, but it's cheap and it goes a long way. This method leaves the lamb falling apart, tender from the best part of a day in the oven. It's very satisfying and relaxing to know that something great is happening in your oven at home whilst you're out [...]

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