The Shipley Slouch

The Shipley Slouch pop-up community cafe, Kirkgate Community Centre, Shipley

Sundays are meant to be slow. They're supposed to be lazy, a small chance to rest after the trials and triumphs of the week gone and to prepare for those to come. I start Sunday with a lot of coffee, a pile of maple syrup covered pancakes on the kids' plates and a newspaper, sat [...]

Eating out

La Rue, Saltaire

La Rue restaurant Saltaire

French? Well, no, not really...more like one of those 'modern British' places.  There's a lot of belly pork, lamb, black pudding and the like, with the odd Mediterranean dish and some Asian flavours here and there, too.  Mainly though, think classic British ingredients and you'll be close to the mark. It's been there for years, [...]

Eating out
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