The International, Bradford

March 10, 2011
The International curry house, Bradford

I said the other week that the standard of Asian restaurants in Bradford was on the slide.  It’s not that there aren’t good places out there, it’s just that some of them don’t seem to be trying very hard anymore. I forgot that whenever I say something like that, the opposite is normally proved right, […]

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PIN, Leeds

November 13, 2010
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Leeds Brewery have been quietly expanding in Leeds over the last few years. They’ve now got four pubs and bars, each with a distinct identity and reason. PIN is their ‘contemporary cafe bar’, a small bar and restaurant tucked away on Dock Street, just over the river. Given that PIN is a Leeds Brewery bar, […]

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Domenico DeMarco, the “Godfather of Brooklyn pizza”

October 30, 2010
Domenico DeMarco, the “godfather of Brooklyn pizza”

The Best Thing I Ever Done HQ from MargaretEmily MacKenzie on Vimeo. “When I make dough, see, I don’t measure with a scale the yeast, nothing. It’s because I have the confidence in myself, you see. I trust my hands, I trust my eye. It’s good dough when you see little holes, yes? When you […]

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Il Leoncino, Centro Storico, Rome

October 23, 2010
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The Romans have a slightly different way with pizza. Their bases are thin and crisp, in contrast to the softer and fuller Neapolitan style. A good Roman pizza will crack at the edges when you bend it, and if it’s cooked properly, the edges will be scorched. Finding a decent pizza in Rome isn’t difficult […]

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Is it OK for food bloggers to review restaurants?

June 16, 2010
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One thing about this blog makes me a little uncomfortable. It’s not the writing, the cooking or the photography.  It’s not keeping on top of it, and – believe me – I’m not laid awake at night worrying about visitor growth or statistics. It’s reviewing restaurants. This has always troubled me because I’m not sure […]

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Saltaire restaurant round-up for the Culture Vulture

June 3, 2010
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I’ve written a piece about the restaurants and bars in Saltaire for Leeds-based arts and culture blog, The Culture Vulture. This is the first time I’ve written a guest piece for anybody else, and I’m very grateful to Emma at The Culture Vulture for giving me the opportunity in the first place, and even more […]

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