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Moghul lamb with onions and raisins

Moghul lamb or mutton with onions and raisins, by Madhur Jaffrey

Indian and Pakistani food is rich and varied. I've cooked countless lamb or mutton curries, each with the same basic method and ingredients, each of which have been vastly different because of subtle differences in spicing and small tweaks in ingredients. The length of the list of spices that go into most curries means that [...]

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Goan-style pork vindaloo

Madhur Jaffrey’s Goan style pork vindaloo

This is it. This is the most abused, mistreated and misrepresented curry in the whole of the world. There isn't another Asian dish that comes close to this one in terms of how people view it. Its reputation is right down there in the gutter.  A vindaloo is nothing more than a macho challenge after [...]

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