Kapow Coffee, Leeds

Kapow Coffee, Leeds

I catch the train into Leeds every morning, and instead of rushing straight to the office, I take a slight detour through some of Leeds' alleys and yards, down onto The Calls and back up to work through the Markets. I see the same faces every morning, passing the same people in the same places, [...]

Eating out

Leeds Kirkgate Market vs. Mercado da Ribeira

Mercardo da Ribeira, Lisbon, Portugal

I spend a lot in markets, in terms of both time and money. A lunchtime trip to the fruit, veg, fish and meat stalls of Kirkgate Market in Leeds has become a weekly ritual, and I return to the office with one of those blue IKEA bags full of stuff. My colleagues ask me what unspeakable things [...]

Food politics

Bundobust, Leeds

Bundobust, Indian beer cafe, Mill Hill, Leeds

Astonishing. Well, there are few things in life more certain than being disappointed by an over-hyped, over-played and over-done restaurant. It happens all the time - a new place opens, everybody gets all excited about it, but it turns out to be just OK ... not bad, not good, just OK, the sort of place [...]

Eating out

Zucco, Meanwood, Leeds

Zucco Italian restaurant, Meanwood, leeds

I try not to write anything about absolutely brand new restaurants, because opening a restaurant is hard, demanding, and things often go wrong, especially in the very early days. Fantastic dining experiences don't just spring into being - getting a plate of food from kitchen to table is a very long and expensive journey, and [...]

Eating out