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M’hanncha, or the Moroccan snake

March 25, 2012
Jamie Oliver's M'hanncha, or the Moroccan Snake

There are times when I hit a blogging brick wall, where there’s nothing left to say, or where the ideas and half-posts won’t form themselves properly. That happened this weekend, and after binning the third draft of something attempting to articulate what I think of minimum alcohol pricing (short answer: probably good, some reservations, could […]

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Ecclefechan tart, for Burns Night

January 25, 2012
Scottish Ecclefechan tart

Ecclefechan, a small town in the Scottish Borders is famous for a few things, including being the birthplace of both the writer Thomas Carlyle and one Archibald Arnott, Napoleon’s doctor during his extended stay on St Helena, but also, and this is slightly more pertinent for a food blog, for the Ecclefechan tart, a rich concoction of […]

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More of Jamie Oliver’s kitchen range

November 21, 2010
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A week or so ago, I wrote about a set of really quite good kitchen knives, part of the new Jamie Oliver range. I was also sent a few more bits and pieces to try. The knives were great. Would the rest measure up? Garlic slice & press I question the need for garlic presses […]

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Jamie Oliver’s five knife set and block

November 6, 2010
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I’m not one to be swayed by a celebrity endorsement, especially one that’s attached to a piece of kitchen equipment. Apart from my trusty Ken Hom wok (his signature is on the handle!), I don’t think I own another piece of celebrity kitchen junk. No George Foreman Grill with bun warmer (‘bun warmer’? What the […]

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Jamie Oliver’s fish pie

October 5, 2010

Fish pie is one of those easy-yet-sublime recipes that I should make more often. This exclusive video shows Jamie Oliver knocking together his version.  My pathetically photographed interpretation of this dish is here. In my defence, it was a very early post… Note that Jamie has quite a knack with that potato masher.

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Crostata di more, or Italian blackberry tart

September 4, 2010
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Every year, I make the mistake of going blackberry picking in shorts. The thorns on the blackberry canes are fine – I can avoid those – it’s the nettles that always seem to grow around them that get me every time, but foraging food isn’t meant to be easy. You should put a bit of […]

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