Bombay Lunchbox , by Carolyn Caldicott

Bombay Lunchbox

In real life, I work for a big financial services organisation (we're not a bank, just let me make that clear before anybody clicks away in disgust. We try to look after people). In common with lots of other organisations, we use Indian resource to help us do cool stuff in IT quickly, and that [...]


Bundobust, Leeds

Bundobust, Indian beer cafe, Mill Hill, Leeds

Astonishing. Well, there are few things in life more certain than being disappointed by an over-hyped, over-played and over-done restaurant. It happens all the time - a new place opens, everybody gets all excited about it, but it turns out to be just OK ... not bad, not good, just OK, the sort of place [...]

Eating out

Timatar wali macchi, or cod in a spicy tomato sauce

SKREI cod curry

The very best cod is caught between January and April in the crystal clear waters around Norway's Lofoten Islands, having migrated thousands of miles from the Barents Sea. This cod has bright, white flesh that gleams of the icy, dark waters that the fish swam through to get to Norway. On cooking, it produces huge, [...]

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